About Us


Ark Publications is a local careers guidance house established in 1984 to cater to the needs of students, school-leavers, teachers, counselors, working adults and parents who are seeking information to plan their future careers or to switch careers.

Students need information on how to choose a career, how to discover their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, how to explore various options available to them, how to make career decisions and finally how to go about executing their plans. Along their route they are bound to face many obstacles such as poor academic results, lack of money, parental and peer pressure and lack of information on job opportunities.

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Some have access to career guidance and counseling. However, many are lost in planning their future. After spending more than 15 years in school, there are still students who have no clue as to what to do next. There are also those who follow peers. There are many who are misguided by ignorant people , the media or unscrupulous marketing agents. The result is, before even students step out into the working world, they no longer have any passion for what they do for a living.

Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders. At Ark, we feel that we are committed to provide unbiased career guidance to today’s youths. Where ever you are from, whatever situation you are in at the moment, you have the opportunity to drop us a line. Even if we are unable to help you, we can guide you to the right person or organization which can clear your doubts. You can e-mail to: enquiry@ark.com.my.

Remember Career Planning is Life Planning !