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Career Seminar & Workshop for Primary & Secondary Schools

Career Seminar for Students

More  than 100,000 students have participated in this program over the last 30 years. They have also given positive feedback on the program. See comments to believe it !

Career Awareness Workshop

This is a hands-on – workshop where students sit for the  RIASEC Career Inventory  using activity cards such as  Skill Cards, Value Cards, Hobby Cards and Occupation Cards. Students get to know their personality type and will learn about matching careers  that suits their personality types.

PRS Workshop

This workshop is for PRS students to learn about career guidance skills, Hollands Theory and details on each personality type. They will also learn how to use the RIASEC  inventory using  activity cards.  PRS will also learn how to help other students on how to choose careers based on Hollands Theory.

Career Seminars

Seminars and talks on the latest development in the world of careers and to motivate students to make an informed career choice. Covers topics such as Industry 4.0, Future Jobs, Scholarships, and other relevant topics.

For more information please call or whatsapp 016 211 6100

The cards and charts are very suitable for students for career exploration.

Mr. A. Sivakumar

SJKT Hulu Selangor

I have conducted these activities in school. They are very suitable for students.

Pn Norhayati Amel

SMK Seri Kota Paloh

It has helped me a lot to carry out career guidance and counselling in school. Students find it easy to understand.

Pn Siti Zalikah bt Hassan

SM Vokasional, Bintulu

The cards can be used as another alternative in school. They are easier to use and not complicated.

Pn Noraisyah Mohd Hasin

MRSM Kuching

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