Career Guidance and Testing

If you have received your SPM or STPM results and wondering what to do next, ARK is here to help you. Our career consultant Mr. K. Krishnan MA (USA) has more than 20 years experience  in the field of career guidance and testing. He was a teacher, university lecturer, author and an educationist. He was a career guidance columnist for the STAR newspaper for 15 years. What you need to do :

1.Call 016-211 6100 and make an appointment.

2. Bring your exam results and meet Mr K. Krishnan

3. He will conduct a  comprehensive test to identify your passion, strength, interest, skills and values. It will take you about one hour.

4. Your results will be analysed  and you will get a career report on the same day. The careers and courses you can consider will be given to you. This is based on the test results.

5. Mr. K. Krishnan will suggest  the best places to study taking into consideration your financial means, results, your interest , likes and passion.

Call 016-211 6100 to fix an appointment today.













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Publicise your institution without leaving your office. We understand that it is difficult for you to reach  out to all the 2000 secondary schools in Malaysia. If you can’t spare the time , money or manpower to publicise your courses, we suggest that you make your presence felt by placing an ad in the forthcoming issue of Edufair .

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Career Awareness Day (CAD)

(Hari Kesedaran Kerjaya)

Schools can now have a special CAD Program for their Form 4 and 5 students. The half-day program is held in schools and conducted by facilitators from ARK. Advance booking is necessary to conduct the program. 20 PRS will be trained to help out with the workshop. The program is normally held in the school hall.

The Program

8.00 a.m        : Training of PRS

9.00 a.m        : Opening

9.15 a.m         : Students come class-by-class. (Approximately 40 students at a time)

   After completing, they return to their class and the next 40 students come to the hall.

2.00 p.m        : Certificate presentation to PRS.


career awareness day

Bengkel Kerjaya untuk PRS

Bengkel Kerjaya untuk PRS is a training program for PRS. The PRS play a vital role in the schools. They can reach out to students better than school counsellors. To help the PRS to be equipped with the correct information and knowledge, the PRS need to be trained.

ARK runs a training program specially for PRS. The half-day workshop trains PRS on career planning, understanding the RIASEC module,conducting career tests, using the cards to identify interests, interpreting SDS scores, exploring career options and sources for further career information.

The workshops can be conducted in schools or in a centralised location. The cost for attending the workshop is RM300 for 10 PRS and 2 counsellors.

For further information email to: or call 016-211 6100.

bengkel prs


New Catalogue

ARK’s new catalogue  is out. All the latest products are included in the catalogue. The catalogue is distributed FREE to all Primary and Secondary schools in Malaysia.

More than 35 ARK’s products are included in the catalogue. The products are in the form of charts, scrolls, roll-up stands, cards, books and CDs.

An order form is also included in the catalogue. To place an order, complete the order form and  email to: You can also whatsapp to No. 016-2116100.

The ordered goods will be delivered to you by courier. Upon receipt of the goods, schools can issue the LPO and the payment.

For the convenience of counsellors, a soft-copy of the catalogue is included in our website: Please download the order form and place your order today!

catalogue cover 2016

Career Planning is Life Planning

student pictureWhen you have the option to choose your own career, you will definitely want to choose a career for which you have a special passion, an interest, a career you like and something which you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life.    Everyone wants to be happy. You are going to spend more than 30 years in a  career. You will probably work 8 hours a day for at least 5 days in a week.  Just imagine spending 60,000 hours of your life in a career. If you are going  to spend so much time, I am sure Career Planning is very important. The  career you choose will decide your lifestyle in the future. Where you will  work, what you will be doing, how much you will earn, your working hours,  and what type of life you will lead will all depend on your career. That is why  Career Planning is considered as Life Planning !

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